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The Duo

Who Mi Are


Paolo Ientile

Co-Founder & Creative Director

The Conductor to a Symphony of Ideas.

I've had a dream since high school to design products that leave an impact on society, to create something that people admire, use, or simply see.

(647) 993 - 1717

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Michael Marzetti

Co-Founder & Account Manager

Igniting Creativity. Propelling Success.

A visionary of creative solutions, igniting ideas that captivate and propel businesses forward with artful strategy and unwavering passion.

So let Mi.

(647) 527 - 1608

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Mi Welcomes You

We are actively hiring and outsourcing. Join us at our dynamic and innovative creative consulting and marketing firm. We value creativity, collaboration, and professional growth. Be part of our team and make a meaningful impact in a supportive environment.

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